ISC 2016

The International Spice Conference has emerged as the most sought after platform for the spice fraternity with more than 800 delegates from 45 nationalities, over 50 speakers and 35 exhibitors.

Managing Disruptions through Transformation and Collaboration

‘Disruptions’ in the 21st Century Spice Industry was a major topic of discussion and debate during ISC 2017. The Conference covered topics such as Challenges in Spice Cultivation, New Applications, Operational Excellence, Quality & Food Safety Standards, Culture of Innovation and Report on Crops & Markets.

Businesses of today, regardless of industry and sector, face unprecedented challenges. Global spice industry is no exception. In the face of globalization, massive connectivity, disruptive technologies, and shifting powers to the consumer, a paradigm shift in the overall approach to how quality and value is defined and delivered is essential to stay ahead in a changing industry. In other words, change is inevitable. A core takeaway from ISC 2017 is the need to ‘collaborate’ to manage the ‘transformation’ due to multiple stakeholders. Based on these thoughts, the suggested theme of ISC 2018 Jaipur is ‘Managing Disruptions through Transformation and Collaboration.’

‘Transformation,’ however, is hard, requiring adjustments not only in processes, interactions, and decisions, but also in mind-sets, functions, culture, and technology. The transformation journey becomes more complex when the supply chain includes multiple stakeholders – consumers, growers, processors, research stations, national governments of exporting and importing countries, food safety administrators and national spice trade associations. Hence there is a dire need to ‘collaborate.’ As the industry embarks on its transformation journey, the lights must stay on and the show must go on.

The 5 basic tenets of Transformation
  • To sustain high performance, don’t make it your primary focus.
  • The “soft stuff” should be managed with the same vigour as the “hard stuff”.
  • Copying best practices can be more dangerous than helpful.
  • Common sense will often lead you astray.
  • Have a clear transformation road-map with clear milestones and a strong commitment from the entire team
The 5 layered process of Transformation
  • “Aspire” – Where do we want to go?
  • “Assess” – How ready are we to embark on the journey?
  • “Architect” – What are the practical steps that will take us to our destination?
  • “Act” – How do we manage the journey?
  • “Advance” – How do we keep moving forward?

International Spice Conference 2018 throws light on how business model, strategy and governance fit in together and how new behaviours can be proactively designed to embark on a transformational journey without impeding business. This year special care has been taken to have only half day sessions on 2nd and 3rd days. The rest of the time will be set apart for networking.

Day 1: Sunday, 4th Feb 2018 – 'Inaugural Session', Inauguration of Exhibition followed by Welcome Dinner

Day 2: Monday, 5th Feb 2018 – Session on 'Transformation'.

Day 3: Tuesday, 6th Feb 2018 – Session on 'Collaboration'. A Gala/Themed Dinner will be organized for the delegates in the evening.

Day 4: Wednesday, 7th Feb 2018 – Session on 'Crops & Markets' with a one-hour lunch break.

This year ISC has introduced a new format for Day 2 and Day 3 by dedicating respective afternoons exclusively for professional networking.

Key Note Speaker of repute for each of the 3 days followed by eminent Speakers on subjects of Transformation, Collaboration and Crops & Markets

Optional side trips
  • Spice Growing Areas business tour
  • Sight seeing tour to Agra
  • An opportunity to witness a Polo Match on Tuesday, 5th Feb 2018

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