ISC 2016

The International Spice Conference has emerged as the most sought after platform for the spice fraternity with more than 800 delegates from 45 nationalities, over 50 speakers and 35 exhibitors.

Challenges of Change: Redefining the Value Chain

Managing the Disruptions through transformation and collaboration was the major topic of discussion during the ISC 2018 at Jaipur. The conference covered topics like Transformation in Agriculture, Collaboration amongst the different stakeholders, Challenges and Opportunities of Organic spices, How to handle Allergens in spices and the crops and markets which covered the demand and supply situation for the major spices across different geographies.

With the boundaries of the nation’s steadily fading, the cultures of the world gradually merging and the flavours constantly evolving, the global spices industry is faced with the challenge of meeting continuously changing consumer needs. Moreover, rapidly advancing digital solutions have changed the way business is conducted the world over, with more efficient ways of distribution compelling governments to intervene with new rules and regulations. International Spice Conference 2019 will examine these changes with the prominent leaders of the industry giving deeper insight through talks and interactions. The intent is to closely evaluate these changes and find ways to effectively adapt our value chain to these changes.

World Economic Forum is calling this rapid changes the Fourth Industrial revolution characterised by massive adaptation of Digital technologies and innovation in everything from energy to life sciences.

More than 50 % of the Fortune 500 companies listed in 2000 have disappeared from the list in the space of 15 years.

What has changed that - Business Model? Customer expectations? Technology? Suppliers?

Change is hard on businesses and organisations requiring change not only in the way business is done, but also in processes, interactions, decisions, mind-set, culture and technology. The challenge comes in when the whole organisational giant wheel has to handle the change at the speed of light !

This ISC we will focus on how to handle the change from different sector veterans and specialists who have seen organisations able to change swiftly and overcome the curse of stagnation and decimation.

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