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The International Spice Conference has emerged as the most sought after platform for the spice fraternity with more than 800 delegates from 45 nationalities, over 50 speakers and 35 exhibitors.



Akay Flavours & Aromatics Private Limited

A 100% turmeric extract (ORGANIC) with enhanced bioavailability of ‘free’ curcuminoids for Food/Nutraceuticals – Unique in the crowded bioavailable curcumin market place

Supported by thousands of research studies, turmeric has already established itself as the most popular botanical globally. However, poor oral bioavailability of curcumin contributed by the insolubility and rapid metabolism to inactive metabolites (glucuronides/sulfates) has been identified as the major limitation for its functional (therapeutic) efficacy. Moreover, currently available bioavailable formulations are not 100% natural; rather nanoparticles or formulations with emulsifiers (polysorbate, phosphtidylcholin) or blends with glucuronidation inhibitors like piperine.

Thus, the main problems of current bioavailable curcumin ingredients include-

  • Regulatory issues due to synthetic excipients & nano particles
  • Lack of Non-natural status & CLEAN LABEL
  • Lack of ‘free’ curcuminoids delivery and hence high dosage
  • Poor solubility & stability

So, there exist a global demand for 100% natural, water soluble, stable and food-grade form of turmeric with enhanced bioavailability of bioactive ‘FREE’ curcuminoids for Nutraceuticals & Functional food applications.

INNOVATION: CurcuFRESH® is one and the only form of ‘bioavailable curcumin ingredient’ as 100% turmeric based& ORGANIC. CurcuFRESH is derived from ‘Fresh Turmeric Rhizomes’ by a proprietary juicing method to produce juice powder with 4 to 6% (w/w) curcuminoids in a natural amorphous form with better water solubility, in vivo stability and hence better absorption (PATENT PENDING; US 2014/10903A1). CurcuFRESH does not contain any additive or solvent residues (zero ppm) unlike the current curcumin products derived from dried turmeric rhizomes by solvent extraction. Moreover, CurcuFRESH also contains all the other bioactive components of turmeric like turmeric polysaccharides (>10% by HPLC), proteins (> 10%), turmeric oil with all bioactive terpenoids (>2%) in addition to curcuminoids (>4%).

CurcuFRESH® is clinically proven to possess>40-fold ‘free’ curcuminoids bioavailability as compared to the unformulated standard curcumin (95%), leading to convenient dosage of 250 to 500 mg/day (Journal of Functional Foods, 2015; a non-paid journal with impact factor 4.0).

CurcuFRESH®received the “Best Botanical Product of the Year 2018” by Nutraingredients, USA; and already exported 1700 Kg in 2017-2018 to USA.

PROBLEMS SOLVED: CurcuFRESH® provides an innovative ‘natural’ solution to the problem of poor oral bioavailability of curcuminoids. It is food-grade, 100% turmeric extract with no nanoparticles, solvent residues or regulatory issues. Solubility/stability suitable for Nutraceuticals (capsules, tablets, softgels, brisk- effervescence tablets, etc) and Functional food/beverages (sachets, gummies, protein bars/powders, instant soups, yogurts etc).


  • 40X‘Free’ Curcuminoids bioavailability with longer elimination half-life
  • 100% turmeric-based, Food-grade & ‘ORGANIC’ –
  • Derived from FRESH TURMERIC (Unique)
  • Standardised curcuminoids, polysaccharides, proteins &terpenoids
  • Zero ppm (solvent-free process)
  • No synthetic excipients or nanoparticles
  • CLEAN LABEL (Non-GMO, Vegan, Allergen free, Halal, Kosher, GMP)
  • Full-scan traceability & sustainability
  • No labelling issues or Not novel food
  • Relatively low dosage 250 to 500 mg/day
  • Water dispersible/stable suitable for food ingredient - 100 mg/per serving
  • COST-EFFECTIVE (Cheaper than curcumin 95%), as it is derived from fresh turmeric juice and the waste after juicing can be dried for curcumin extraction with better yield
  • Patent pending & trademarked
  • Best botanical product of the year 2018 by Nutraingredients, USA

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China Spice Services Ltd.
Organic Black Garlic Powder & Paste

Organic Black Garlic Powder & Paste - The Relaunch of a Traditional Chinese Medicine as a Super Food.

What once was a traditional Chinese medicine, is now available as an innovative food ingredient. Black garlic is a high-end super food that undergoes a traditional and complex fermentation process and has been used as a medicine in China, Korea and Japan for many centuries. We launched a project to get the product organic certified and processed into paste and powder for various industrial food applications, as an ingredient for various food processors.

This product is an example of our and our vendor's product expertise and state-of-the-art production techniques. Due to the difficulty in producing it and the subsequent cost in handling the product for industrial applications, it's a highly uncommon ingredient to find on the market. Furthermore, this product is fully organic certified from the field till finished product and meets all EOS/NOP organic product standards. Since 2018 we are able to supply organic black garlic paste. Although the sticky texture of this product, we now also successfully developed organic black garlic powder.

Black garlic is unpeeled fresh garlic in bulb that's exposed to heat and humidity for 90 to 12 days, imparting it with a dark colour. Further processing to paste and powder require complex and unique production procedures. To make organic black garlic bulbs, there are no preservatives or additives throughout the whole supply chain.

The fermented garlic has some nutritional differences from traditional garlic. The compound S-allycysteine has been shown to directly impact the formation of cancerous cells in the body. With high concentrations of allicin, fermented garlic is effective at regulating blood sugar levels and is therefore effective for diabetic patients. Homocysteine levels, an amino acid, can be reduced with black garlic, which improves cardiovascular health.

The black cloves have a fudgy texture and appear black. It doesn't have a typical strong garlic smell. Yet, the intense taste has a certain acidity and is slightly sweet with a softened garlic flavour. The product gains fame in markets such as Japan and USA. It goes well with Asian food, health foods and sushi. It becomes popular as an ingredient is fusion cuisine in the West. It's a great combination with mushrooms, vinegar or sauces, but is mostly used as a super food.

After years of research and investment, we and our vendor are now able to supply organic black garlic paste & powder. This anticipates a quick increase in demand for various super foods. With a selection of fermented organic back garlic in bulb, paste and powder, we aim to promote power foods and its purposes. Together with our product experts, we develop creative and tasty purposes and recipes for the market.

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Griffith Foods
Shredding Machine

1. Why is it Innovative?
The purpose of the Shredding initiative was to educate our farmers on the ill effects of burning crop residues,instead to improve the soil fertility and to contribute to cleaner environment. This improves the productivity of farms, lowers the input costs by reducing the application of chemical fertilizers and manage the cost of disposing of the residue for our farmers.

2. Does it Solve a Problem?
Burning of crop residues is a very serious problem, which releases carbon dioxides, emits GHG (Green House Gases), kills the useful microorganisms in the soil and also affects people through smoke and polluted air in farming areas and hundreds of Kilometers away from farms. The shredding machine helps in reducing this severe problem by shredding and composting the crop residues which become organic manure in about 3 years and add on benefits to the soil by increasing the soil fertility, by increasing the soil nutrients, by decreasing the Carbon dioxide and GHG emissions and preventing air pollution which is a big problem during the months of January to May every year .

3. What are the benefits to foods manufacturer/ Consumers?
Our Customers would turn the benefit through claims that the spices (Chilly) used in their products were grown without causing pollution to the environment. Can also gain competitive advantage by claiming more responsibility towards the environment and well being of the local populace.This will help farmers (Growers) reduce their input costs and improve productivity of the land which will translate in better pricing to our customers.They would also benefit by sustained production and improved yield of the crop leading to consistent suppliers and better quality.

Consumers will be benefited by paying the right price for the right quality product which is produced sustainably

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Portable Spectrometer

ITC's Agri Business is the country's second largest exporter of agri-products. It currently deals in 20 + commodities PAN India some of which includes Food Grains, Spices, Marine Products, Processed Fruits and Coffee.

With a strong foothold in spices, ITC's Agri Business Division procures, processes and also deals with exports of the same. Due to the huge variability being observed in the incoming raw material, the division has come up with a rapid method for chemical attribute testing in spices. The solution involves a portable spectrometer which works on the principles of NIR Spectroscopy and Machine learning. It enables the identification and measurement of various chemical parameters present in spices.

Currently, this solution has been tested for assessing Curcumin content in Turmeric with good accuracies.

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Jain Farm Fresh
Dehydration Of Fresh Spices Using Multi-Stage Continuous Belt Dryer

We would like to introduce as one of the largest spice processing complex in the country aided with the state of the art equipments, machineries, Process & Operation Controls, Infrastructure and the supporting systems.

We wish to participate in this award – basically for the –


- which we developed In-House for different Spice-Commodities, with the intention of improving –

  • Quality and Safety of the Final Product.
  • Better Yield and
  • Speed-reduced processing time.


  • As we know that the spices are highly susceptible for mold contamination and further by aflatoxin, which is the known carcinogen. In order to achieve the low level or absence of Aflatoxin, we focused more on drying
  • Since first being noted in the 1960s, aflatoxins have several times been the subject of toxicological evaluation and dietary exposure assessment by the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA). These evaluations inform the Codex Alimentarius Commission, to create harmonized international food standards to protect the health of consumers and ensure fair trade practices. Codex standards set the maximum levels for contaminants and natural toxins such as aflatoxins in food and are the reference for the international trade in food, so that consumers everywhere can be confident that the food they purchase meets agreed standards for safety and quality, no matter where it was produced.

Why is it innovative?

  • Hot air dehydration itself is not the new or say innovative technique; but its application for fresh spices is surely a new finding.
  • Not only this drying technique utilized just for drying but, with the help of several trials and studying the out-come of each, we found-out the precise process controls – specifically during dehydration – which ultimately meets our expectations for quality, safety, yield & speed also.
  • All the work conducted and the results we achieved are briefed in the Supporting Document File

Does it solve a problem?

  • Definitely – drying of fresh spices with these developed methods, helps to solve the very common problem of Mycotoxins – Specifically Aflatoxins.
  • The other aspects such as better yield & speed are the added / tangential benefits,

What are the benefits to food manufacturers/consumers?

  • The benefits for MANUFACTURER are multi-fold.
  • Manufacturer can produce Export Quality and Safe products.
  • Further the Manufacturer get the better yield and
  • The reduction in process time & hence the expenses incurred for all other relevant utilities (like man power, energy requirement) which results in enhanced turn-over.
  • From CONSUMER point of view, the greatest benefit we can say as – SAFE PRODUCT.
  • Absence or very low residue of this carcinogenic contaminant serves as the most important benefit for the consumer.

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Kancor Ingredients

There is an increasing demand for natural antioxidants across the globe, however, the one factor that has limited its wide spread use is its dominant colour, odour and flavour. This challenge has been especially difficult when it comes to flavour and colour sensitive food matrices. We at Kancor, decided to directly address this problem by developing robust yet fully refined natural antioxidant solutions from rosemary. With its innovative product variant OxiKan CL, a fully decolourised, deodourised and deflavoured liquid extract of selective antioxidant molecules of rosemary, Kancor addresses this constraint to its fullest extent.

OxiKan CL has been tested extensively for its impact on colour in the most sensitive foods and has proven not to contribute any visible colour or odour to the matrix at the highest dosage levels. The colour impact of OxiKan CL was compared with Rosemary extracts in MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) Oil using XriteColourimeter analysis. Each colour has its own distinct appearance, based on three elements: hue, Chroma and value (lightness). By describing a colour using these three attributes, one can accurately identify a particular colour and distinguish it from any other. The DE* value is the total colour difference value indicating the change in visual impact from the initial object. Rosemary Extract was found to have a significant impact on the colour of the oil at standard recommended dosage levels of 200 ppm. Whereas, OxiKan CL was found to have no visible impact at the same dosage levels and even at double the recommended dosages.

OxiKan CL was also tested for effectiveness in sensitive food matrixes, and its impact compared to that of other leading natural and synthetic antioxidants. Popcorn being a highly sensitive packaged food that is susceptible to rancidity and lower shelf-life, an oxidative stability study was conducted comparing the effectiveness of OxiKan CL with Natural Mixed Tocopherol and TBHQ. The study was conducted using two different dosages of OxiKan CL, one at the same dosage levels as the other antioxidants and one at a significantly lower dosage level. OxiKan CL successfully outperformed natural tocopherol at a fraction of its dosage. It also demonstrated increased effectiveness in enhancing shelf-life of sensitive foods by outperforming TBHQ in popcorn stability.

OxiKan CL is available in oil-soluble and water-soluble versions and is recommended for use in all sensitive foods and beverages. OxiKan CL is a completely natural, label friendly solution that is free from irradiation, is non-GMO, Halal and Kosher certified. It is the perfect natural antioxidant solution for the packaged foods that are sensitive to colour, odour and flavour such as popcorn, beverages, spreads, dressings, omega enriched products etc.

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Kancor Ingredients

In the landscape of Food industry the customer preferences are becoming more bolder and knowledge driven with lifestyles adapting to evolving needs.

Kancor brings to notice the following 3 Mega Trends observed in the industry

1) The Rise of Ethnic and Traditional foods - Significant demand for prepared meals in unique and traditional recipes as consumers take comfort from familiar regional meals.

2) Impact of Social Media - Adventurous foodies seek new and exciting flavours from across the globe. African flavours, new South East Asian (like Indonesian and Indian flavours) are inspiring savoury innovation in many categories. These are becoming more popular with the rise of food bloggers travel enthusiasts and foodies who are inspired by television shows on "Masterchef's" and "Travel V'logs". They experiment, review and post articles/photos on experiences to inspire the new generation.

3) The "Cleaner" label - The next generation of Clean label products are evolving from being all natural to simple and recognizable ingredients. Consumers are more interested to understand what is being used in the food and beverage products and how it would impact their lifestyle and health.

Kancor's savoury solutions team has done an extensive exploration of unique regional cuisines under the programme 'Chef Tour'. The team, based on the global trends have tried to recreate these regional and unique flavours into a range of gourmet food applications through fusion concepts using the TastyKan product range which are natural, concentrated multi-spice liquid blocks made with spices sourced from ethnic regions across the world. These innovative, customizable liquid blocks can be used across various gourmet applications.

Few gourmet fusion concepts: -

TastyKan Sambar Masala - Sambar is a signature South Indian Household dish, known for the simplicity and taste of vegetables and spices cooked together in a tangy soup. Here the TastyKan has been used in a gourmet ethnic application of burger patties.

TastyKan Indian Pickle Spice - Pickles are loved for the spicy and tangy element they add to every meal. They are staple in kitchen's across Asia. The TastyKan has been used in a salad application to showcase a spicy and fermented taste profile.


1) Ethnic tastes from various cuisines across the world
2) Customisable liquid spice and herb taste blocks
3) Capturing different flavour profiles of the raw materials from different growing regions
4) Enhanced flavor
5) Enriched mouthfeel
6) Consistent flavour delivery

These innovative taste blocks can be further customized according to the requirements suiting the regional palate preferences

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Krishna & Company
Curcuma Longa Bacti

High Curcumin Turmeric has long been associated with positive health benefits by Ayurveda and there has been extensive research over the years. Deva-Ansh Wellness launched its flagship product Deva-Ansh Curcuma Longa in 2017 to bring these benefits to consumers.

The modern era has seen an unprecedented spread of bacterial and viral infections. Lack of immunity and nourishment contribute heavily to this and bacteria are fast becoming resistant to antibiotics. A natural alternative is thus essential to make the body strong enough to fight infections. Deva-Ansh has created a variant of Curcuma Longa, especially for combating bacterial and viral infections, named Deva-Ansh Curcuma Longa Bacti. The ingredients are all natural, selected from pristine forests in India. It is easy to consume and offers quick results.

Some of the prime benefits of Deva-Ansh Curcuma Longa Bacti are: - Helps Combat Infections - Immunity booster - Natural Antioxidant - Anti-Inflammatory - Cardio-positive

Made from All Natural Ingredients - Deva-Ansh Curcuma Longa Bacti is a blend of ingredients like spices and herbs easily found in the everyday kitchen. The chief of which is High Curcumin Turmeric. Turmeric and especially its most active compound, curcumin have many scientifically-proven health benefits, such as the potential to prevent heart disease, Alzheimer's and cancer. Since curcumin is poorly absorbed into the bloodstream, we have added Piper Nigrum (black pepper) which enhanced the absorption of curcumin by 2000%. The other two main ingredients are Neem and Basil. While neem has been tested on human pathogen, paruginosa, aureus and v.cholera in controlling the growth in vitro in culture conditions and found to be effective. and Basil is known for it's detoxifying Effect. This also been tested positive over the following pathogens, s. aureus, aeruginosa, staphylococcus. Neem and Basil known for its detoxifying effect when used in combination with High Curcumin Turmeric, it enhances the blood sugar reduction aspect. Conclusion Deva-Ansh Curcuma Longa Bacti is a unique product that can be used against many bacteria and virus infections. This is a one of a kind solution for combating infections made purely with all natural spices and herbs. With proven results and a solid track record of delivering quality, Deva-Ansh continues to innovate.


Turmeric: The Golden Spice Of Life Preeti Rathaur*, Waseem Raja, P.W. Ramteke and Suchit A. John Department of Biological Sciences,Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences, Allahabad- 211007, Uttar Pradesh, India 266012435_TURMERIC_THE_GOLDEN_SPICE_OF_LIFE Phytochemical extraction and antimicrobial properties of different medicinal plants: Ocimum sanctum (Tulsi), Eugenia caryophyllata (Clove), Achyranthes bidentata(Datiwan) and Azadirachta indica (Neem) Bishnu Joshi*, Govind Prasad Sah, Buddha Bahadur Basnet, Megh Raj Bhatt, Dinita Sharma, Krishna Subedi, Janardhan Pandey and Rajani Malla Central Department of Biotechnology, Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

Comparative antimicrobial activities of Neem, Amla, Aloe, Assam Tea and Clove extracts against Vibrio cholerae, Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa Shubhi Mehrotra, Ashwani K. Srivastava and Shoma Paul Nandi* Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Amity University, Noida, 201303, India.

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Innovative SPS Solutions for the Control of Yeasts & Moulds and Mycotoxins in Chilli (Spices) “OFAGNET" (Patent Pending) by Vithal PSRVS (SFSAS)


Mycotoxins (*Aflatoxins/Ochratoxin) and Microbial (*Salmonella) Contamination in Indian Chilli/Spices hampering the exports. Thorough investigation and research, the major root cause(s) of this contamination identified are due to existing drying & harvesting methods.


  • 2.1Root cause identification: Five Root causes resulting in high Yeasts/Moulds (CFU/gram) contamination and Mycotoxins. (1)Contact of chilli with ground/soil(microorganisms) during drying & pod damage during turning/grading/bulking (2)No circulation of air through the chilli bed (3)Moisture reabsorption by chilli fruit during night(4)Extended drying period & (5)the harvesting decisions/habits of farmers.

  • 2.2Solution: includes (1)Elimination of contact with ground/soil(microorganisms) and no mechanical damage during turning/grading/bulking (2)Circulation of air on bottom/top surfaces and through the chilli bed (3)Limiting moisture absorption during night, (4)reducing the drying period & (5)Ripe Chilli fruit harvest.
  • 2.3 Innovation: An innovative solution OFAGNET[One Foot Above Ground Net] was designed to address these causes. Research was done on Chilli farms (Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh) during 2017/2018 and introduced this system to the farmers. This OFAGNET system is based on Thermodynamic Principle i.e. Effective utilization of natural Sun energy & natural draught of Air from the bottom of the commodity bed placed on nets.
  • 2.4 Brief description of the innovation:
    • 2.4.1 OFAGNET-SADOS: The system using direct sun light and wind draught, to dry chillies is called SADOS (Sun Air Drying Open System). SADOS System is based on thermodynamic principle of utilization of temperature gradient i.e. the top vs. bottom surfaces of the chilli bed placed on OFAGNET. During nights, this system is protected from moisture re-absorption by covering with tarpaulin . This sub system again having two types (A1, A2) basis the agri commodity being dried.
    • 2.4.2 OFAGNET HADCS: Another system HADCS (Hot Air Drying Chamber System) is based on the thermodynamic principle of utilization of temperature gradient of ambient air vs. the temperature in the OFAGNET hot air drying chamber. This sub-system day and night covered by tarpaulin placed on net to create a closed chamber over A1/A2.


  • 3.1 YEASTS & MOULDS (CFU/gm) (a) Traditional system-: 99,000-100,000 (b) OFAGNET: 300-2100
  • 3.2 AFLATOXINS (a) Traditional System: > MRL (b) OFAGNET systems: NILL
  • 3.3 DRYING PERIOD (days): (a) Traditional system: 15-21 (b) OFAGNET SADOS: 7-12 (c) OFAGNET HADCS: 7-8.


  • 4.1 OFAGNET drying system is Cost Effective, Easily Accessible, and a Sustainable way towards achieving high food safety standards in Spices [SPS solutions].
  • 4.2 This OFAG Net dried Chilli/Spices commodity is of superior Quality than the traditionally dried product and it is safe & hygienic to consumers , fetches better returns to all stake holders in the supply & Value chain and strengthens Indian Spice Industry.

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Black Garlic Inhibits Colon cancer cell growth

Aged black garlic extract inhibits HT29 colon cancer cell growth via the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway
1Binzhou Medical College; 2Center for Tumor Treatment, People's Liberation
Army 107th Hospital, Yantai, Shandong 264003, P.R. China
Received June 17, 2013; Accepted October 23, 2013

Abstract. Accumulating evidence indicates that aged black garlic extract (ABGE) may prove beneficial in preventing or inhibiting oncogenesis; however, the underlying mechanisms have not been fully elucidated. The present study aimed to investigate the effects of ABGE on the proliferation and apoptosis of HT29 colon cancer cells. Our results demonstrated that ABGE inhibited HT29 cell growth via the induction of apoptosis and cell cycle arrest. We further investigated the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase̸protein kinase B (PI3K/Akt) signal transduction pathway and the molecular mechanisms underlying the ABGE-induced inhibition of HT29 cell proliferation. We observed that ABGE may regulate the function of the PI3K/Akt pathway through upregulating PTEN and downregulating Akt and p-Akt expression, as well as suppressing its downstream target, 70-kDa ribosomal protein S6 kinase 1, at the mRNA and protein levels. In conclusion, these findings suggest that the PI3K/Akt signal transduction pathway is crucial for the development of colon cancer. ABGE inhibited the growth and induced apoptosis in HT29 cells through the inhibition of the PI3K/Akt pathway, suggesting that ABGE may be effective in the prevention and treatment of colon cancer in humans.

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Vidya Herbs
Puremeric SFT



Curcuma longa, commonly called turmeric, occupies an important place in the traditional Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine. This vibrant yellow spice derived from the rhizome of the plant has a long history of being used as an ingredient for cooking, medicine, cosmetics and dyes for textiles, for more than 2500 years. Turmeric and Turmeric Extracts are traditionally used to treat a panel of ailments and affections having inflammatory origin, to relieve chronic pains such as rheumatisms, to stimulate and protect the digestive system, and to treat dental and skin disorders.

Problem identified:

Turmeric Extract is standardized to 95% curcuminoids which is traditionally available in the market for Health foods and natural color application. Turmeric Extract has got the property of strong dyeing nature, it can be used as a coloring compound which can easily get stained on the clots, machines and utensils while handling the turmeric extract for formulations. In health and Pharma industry this coloring or staining nature normally lead to additional cleaning charges due to this reason it is least preferred by customer to choose a turmeric as potential raw material for the health applications other problem identified can be listed as follows:

  • Staining nature of Turmeric extract
  • Highly light & volatile powder causing heavy dusting during production
  • Low bulk density difficult to make tablets or capsule fulling.
  • Pungent small in production area due to volatile oil content which may cause eye & skin irritation.
  • Degradation of active content when mixed with other actives

Today there are other alternatives available to overcome the above-mentioned problems but these solutions are not meeting the 100% expectation what the customers or the Export market is looking for, apparently these alternatives fail to give a complete solution to make Turmeric Extract as an easily acceptable product for formulation or as a preferred Raw material for health application.

Solution through Puremeric SFT:

In order to address the above issues Vidya herbs Pvt Ltd introduces the Puremeric SFT beadlets, Puremeric is the trade mark of Vidya herbs which guarantee the customers a sustainable turmeric extract with full traceability program and now the Puremeric is available with Stain Free Tech (SFT).

What is SFT? Strain free technology is highly innovative technique developed by the technical team of vidya herbs which applies a simple excipient and special processing technology which allow to make a micro bead of 200-250-micron uniform size encapsulated beadlets.

These micro beads are free flowing, encapsulates the volatile and active compound of turmeric extract, which has got a protective layer on the encapsulation making the beadlets non-staining or easy to handle during the production of tablets or capsules.

Key Advantages of the Puremeric SFT are as follows:

  • Uniform Free flowing micro beadlets& low dusting.
  • Clean labeled ingredients free from allergens.
  • Highly innovative green technology.
  • Facilities formulations/ production by Direct compressible quality.
  • Less staining on the machine and cloths leading to cleaning cost reduction.
  • Encapsulation protects actives and volatile compounds.
  • Protection from humidity hence low hygroscopic nature.

PURMERIC SFT is providing a global solution for the turmeric extracts which can boost the consumption & the acceptance of turmeric extract worldwide and we can say it is a revolution in the turmeric extract market.

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