International Spice Conference 2017 | Theme - 21st Century Spice Industry DISRUPT or be DISRUPTED!   Venue - The Leela, Kovalam, Kerala , India on February 12-14, 2017

Business Session Overview

International Spice Conference 2016

In times of volatility, uncertainty and ever-changing food safety standards, it is imperative for Industry leaders, International Spice Associations, Policy makers and End-users to arrive at measures that seek to address the food safety concerns and supply demand imbalances of our spice industry. It is also necessary to ensure sustainability of our spice crops and to work towards improving the livelihood of millions of farmers who make spices available through their hard work. The dynamic 4-day International Spice Conference will discuss these issues as well as the challenges faced by the industry and the possible solutions under the theme:

Business Sessions

Food Supply Chain is facing many challenges both in terms of sustainability and food safety. How world leaders in the Spice Industry will approach the new challenges through farm level initiatives, Sustainability and R&D will be the focus of this session. This will be a stock taking session wherein ground reality will be presented and possible solutions will be explored. Climate changes due to global warming, increasing urbanization resulting in migration of farm labour and low farm productivity will be addressed by a leading Indian Spice Grower or NGO’s involved in farming for the Researchers, Processors and End-users to understand the complexities of Indian farming system.

  • In the use of modern technology in increasing farm productivity
  • In use of Information Technology in Farming and processing to ensure traceability
  • Food safety
  • Labour shortage experienced at the farm level
  • Sustainability Initiatives
  • Meeting quality at source through R &D

This Session will cover five papers presented by eminent speakers who will bring out the realities and suggest possible solutions at all nodes of supply chain. R& D efforts for seed development, low dosage and safe molecules, Supply Chain Intervention to conform to quality requirements of the buyers and cost factors will be discussed during the session. Handling residual issues successfully and sustainability Initiatives in Chilli will also be part of the discussions.

Paper Presentations

  • Changing face of Indian Agriculture – Reality & Solutions
  • Real time Farm Management – The Way Forward
  • Precision Agriculture: The Way Forward to meet End-user Expectations – Learnings from Indian Grapes Industry.
  • Need of the Hour : Sustainability - India Initiatives

India is today the largest producer, consumer and exporter of Spices in the world. The Indian Spice Industry believes in continuous improvement in the value offerings to their global customers. In their effort to delight their customers, they would like to listen to the customers’ voices through the medium of a very distinguished panel of leading spice companies from India USA, Europe, Australia and Asia Pacific. This session will be conducted under a “panel discussion” format anchored by a leading Spice personality.

Winning companies are in the lead when it comes to harnessing growth opportunities in the most dynamic regions of the world. How are they excelling? How do they respond to short term shifts while keeping an eye on long-term strategies? Listen to the Pioneers of the Global Spice Industry through their “Spicy Success Stories”. How their companies succeeded not by battling competitors, but rather by creating ″blue oceans″ of uncontested market space – great pieces of “differentiation”. Existing companies and new entrants will benefit from this “My Story” session of panel discussion anchored by an expert in “Blue Ocean Strategy”. Spice Industry Pioneers from across various geographical regions of the world will participate in this interesting session.

During past 3 decades, Indian Spice Industry has made rapid strides in “Value Addition” in areas of “Controlled Farming”, “GMP Centric/ Food safe” processing and introduction of “New Products” to meet the growing and changing needs of both overseas and domestic markets. Apart from a dominant presence in B2B (Industrial) vertical, Indian Spice Industry today is at an inflection point of making rapid and more value added strides into Snacks & Savouries Seasonings, Liquid Seasonings, QSR coating systems, Dips & Relishes, Marinades etc. to service the expanding domestic market. This session will identify the new market segments and size, product portfolios, new product development and mainly customer expectations in the areas of quality and service.

Starting with a peep into the global supermarket of spice flavours, emerging market of India for QSR Coating systems, Snack Seasonings etc. will be presented. The world is looking at India as a happening place with young Indians craving for better taste and more convenience. How are the leading service providers structured to meet the growing demand in the areas of Sourcing, New Product Development, Processing & Blending and Marketing? How the Spice Industry globally will look 10 years from today? What changes one can expect in the Indian Market? What new opportunities exist for existing players and new entrants? What are the major players looking for? How will these demands be met? From this session, market participants, end users and service providers will get you the answers to these questions and more.

The Session unfolds the key to Smarter Way to Taste in two parts

  1. Market Potential and Customer Expectations
  2. How does one service the emerging market?

Paper Presentations

  • Global Supermarket of Spice Flavours
  • Emerging Indian QSR and Snack Seasonings market – vis-à-vis Chinese market and Opportunities for Indian Spice Processors
  • 'Zest', 'Zing' and the 'Zen' of crafting Novel Food Products
  • Meeting Customer Expectations – Spice Industrial Ingredients vis-à-vis Value Added Segments
  • Critical Success Factors of a Flavour company

Panel discussion with representatives from global spice associations and along with food safety experts will throw light on the current issues facing the exporting and importing countries. What is the new food safety laws concerning Spices? How will Processors achieve those stringent and ever changing standards? What needs to be done at the farm level? What education initiatives need to be implemented at the farm and processor levels? How about new quality testing equipment’s? Panel discussion with representatives from global spice associations along with food safety experts will throw light on the current issues faced by the exporting and importing countries.

Demand is greater than ever for various agricultural commodities to meet the needs of world’s growing population. Spices are no exception!

What is the outlook for the global market place to keep providing adequate supplies at stable prices? How will the supplies be affected by potential shocks stemming from extreme weather, geopolitical risks and increasing domestic demand in producing nations?

The demand and supply of Black Pepper and Chilli, is presented in a whole new format of audio visuals with first hand information from reports and market surveys conducted by leading members of All India Spice Exporters Forum. The presentation is based on actual visits to the origins in more than seven countries, bringing in the most recent and reliable updates and crop situations to you during the conference.

Presentations will also be made on other major crops like Cumin, Coriander, Turmeric, Onion & Garlic and Herbs by Industry experts.

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