ISC 2016

The International Spice Conference has emerged as the most sought after platform for the spice fraternity with more than 800 delegates from 45 nationalities, over 50 speakers and 35 exhibitors.

Decoding Spices in the 21st century


Decoding Spices in the 21st century

The dynamic 4-day International Spice Conference will discuss about the challenges faced by the industry and its solutions for decoding the spices in the 21st century.

As an industry, the challenges faced are as following:
  • Sustainability
  • Traceability
  • Demand Supply gaps
  • Productivity measures and challenges
  • Harmonisation of quality across nations
  • Pesticides and contaminants
  • Allergens
  • Trade/ Non trade barriers
  • Consumer requirements on various applications
  • Ethical Farming practices and many more
Some sustainable solutions evolved are as following:
  • Cooperative programs in all levels from backward integration, R & D, product development
  • Vertical Integration and consolidation in Industry
  • Co-create joint infrastructure for groups in farming and processing
  • Innovation - Blue Ocean Strategies in Industry
  • Modernisation/ New technologies
  • New uses and new markets,
  • Flavours, Fragrances, Nutraceuticals, IP Creation
  • People/Skill development/Training
  • Value addition road maps
  • Entrepreneurship development in the industry

And some marked improvements from similar efforts are:

- Broad basing the conference to include allied fields such as flavours & fragrances, dehydrated fruits, vegetables- onion, garlic, etc.

- To meet suppliers or buyers of your choice from myriad delegates, we provide structured sessions where we will make it easy for you to meet the companies you want. This is sure to make your efforts far more productive and less of a chore to find the right partner for you to work with.

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