ISC 2016

The International Spice Conference has emerged as the most sought after platform for the spice fraternity with more than 800 delegates from 45 nationalities, over 50 speakers and 35 exhibitors.

Mr Kirandip Swani


Mr Kirandip Swani

Mr. Jos van Gulick

Managing Director, SwaniSpice Mills Pvt Ltd Mumbai

Joined His Father’s   Business in 1973, as the 6 th  Generation in the Family business, and has more than 45 years of experience in the Spice business. 


Mr Swani has seen the transition of the Spice Trade, from the Primitive practices, to how it has now evolved to a serious, consumer centric & safety related business. 


As the Managing Director of Swani Spice Mills, he has been dynamic in approach to turn the business from a trading to a processing company with focus on value addition, food safety & security and to evolve with the ever changing needs of global regulations. His philosophy has always been to having the best possible equipment, whether it is Cleaning, Grading, Milling, Customized Blends, or Steam Treatment, which has held us in good stead.


He has also focused on Integrating Information Technology with the Backward Integration on Field levels and Sustained farming and successfully doing this since over 12 years now. He ensures that the company stays true to its culture of being supple enough to change as per the customers’ requirements, which is the strength of the company. 


During the past decades he has had the honor of serving on the Board of Spices Board, for 2 terms. Mr Swani has been Appointed Chairman of Indian Spice & Foodstuff Exporters Association for 3 years and also has been the Hon. Secretary of the Indian Oilseed Exporters Association for a few years, besides having served as a member of various committees of different Trade Organizations.  Under his leadership the company has also received many accolades from the Spices Board and various other Govt. bodies.

Session Date: January 31, 2019

Topic: Audio Visuals of Pepper, Chilli and Cumin followed by Panel Discussion - Opening Remarks and setting the context by Chairman of the Session

Time: 1030 - 1140 hrs

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