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The International Spice Conference has emerged as the most sought after platform for the spice fraternity with more than 800 delegates from 45 nationalities, over 50 speakers and 35 exhibitors.


25years of celebration



“INDIAN VANILLA – An Opportunity Revisited”

"Vanilla from India - an Opportunity Revisited" by Dr. Mahendran, whose association with Vanilla in India goes back a long way since the early 90’s, right from Cultivation to Processing and now also in Marketing of Vanilla products for the Indian consumer, has a valuable insight into Vanilla from India, its past and the present revival and the potential avenues for significant future contributions of India towards sustainable vanilla production.

  • Cultivation of Vanilla: Sustainable methods of cultivation, guidance in all nuances right from site selection, planting, cultivation techniques, traceability, certifications, and auditability now through the organized channel of Indian Vanilla Initiative.

  • Vanilla Processing / Global Marketing: Techniques which yield a homogeneous high-quality product masterminded over two decades through Expovan with an understanding of best practices of Quality, Grading and Handling.

  • Domestic Marketing: Direct access to Indian Market by understanding the requirement of the population & industry through Indian Vanilla Enterprise.

Indian Vanilla Initiative, working together with the farming community in India has made significant progress in our objective to achieve One Million Vanilla Vines by end 2018 under our Vanilla Contract Farming program. Through our technical support to farmers, the distribution of quality planting material and the close monitoring of progress by our field officers, we have laid the foundation for the revival and rapid progress of Sustainable Vanilla cultivation in India.

Expovan, with two decades experience in Vanilla processing has proved its ability to meet the quality expectations of the end users in the International Vanilla Industry; and it looks forward eagerly to the eventual goal of processing Vanilla from the monitored harvest of Indian Vanilla Initiative growers, so as to provide end users with Vanilla of the finest quality.

Indian Vanilla Enterprise, through its brand “Goodness Vanilla” has successfully pioneered the launch of Natural Vanilla products in India, from leading retail chains to e-commerce entities and industries in India.

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