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The International Spice Conference has emerged as the most sought after platform for the spice fraternity with more than 800 delegates from 45 nationalities, over 50 speakers and 35 exhibitors.


25years of celebration

Nani Agro Foods


Nani Agro Foods (P) Ltd., Erode in India is in the Spice business since 5 decades.  It was established in 1969 by our Chairman, Mr. Hari Poddar, and initially focused on Turmeric Sourcing and thereon has grown to a full fledged manufacturing and packing business catering to over 200 customers worldwide and is packing for over 40 brands worldwide.

Nani Agro Foods has been in the business of creating taste. It's spice and spice blends make food taste great. A fully integrated, end-to-end solution provider in Spice business, we specialize in bringing together traditional expertise with state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. We blend spices better, thanks to a committed team and infrastructure that focuses on research and development. Our packaging capabilities allow us to integrate with your supply chain, providing your customers with unmatched value.

Nani Agro Foods specialize in manufacturing, personalized label packing and exporting of Indian spice and spice blends processed at a BRC AA Grade certificated plant of ours in South India. We also source various food derivatives from approved suppliers for packing, which encompasses a wide spectrum of our spices, herbs and their derivatives in packed form as per the requirements of local FDA and importing norms to supply private labelling for the products packed in Tins, laminates, pet jars, glass Jars and tins, all packed in desired master packaging for shelf ready handling and making it ideal for retail and commercial applications. We similarly assist start-ups with any aspect of product development by sourcing raw materials, offer custom-made labelling, designing and packaging the product according to their nations standard and norms, including client quality and safety. We cater to ethnic and mainstream consumer and have been the preferred supplier for whole and ground Turmeric to all segments of market for decades and now extending the same service for all our products in our range. We lay special emphasis on the packaging and quality of our products, focusing on sustainability and we ensure tracking ability, so the products reach their destination in the best condition without losing their nutrition, taste, texture and aroma.

 At Nani we offer you an unmatched basket of offerings. Browse through our extensive range of spices, in whole or powdered form. We also specialize in spice blends and herbs that add that extra something to your dishes.

 At Nani, we understand Indian culinary traditions and recipes. Our research laboratory draw upon this traditional wisdom to constantly innovate, bringing you the taste of India in its truest form. 

Packaging  is one of Nani Agro's key strengths. We integrate with your supply chain to partner your business' back-end to make sure you go to market with a sharper competitive edge. Whatever your packaging needs may be – SKU size, packaging format, design needs, labelling and bar coding – Nani Agro's packaging unit delivers high quality solutions competitively.  It begins with a design team that analyzes your marketing requirements and creates the packaging solution you need. Whether it is pouches, bottles, boxes or HDPE bags, our high capacity packaging lines can churn out the quantities as per the production plan you require, while ensuring that the essence of the product remains intact for long periods. The automated weighing and sealing machines ensure high speed production of all SKUs. Our Domino Coding system can handle batch number, best before and date of packing coding. Our focus is to create a packaging infrastructure that behaves like it is a part of your company, and delivers according your high production standards.

We believe that the product can only be as good as its container.

 Great tasting food is no accident : it is a painstaking journey, collecting from the right growing areas which have been in controlled conditions, processing the same with minimal loss of the Active Ingredients, blending just the right ingredients in the right proportion to create that delightful interplay of flavors that gives our dishes their identity. This tradition of great taste is something that has been passed on from generation to generation, and it is something that we at Nani Agro have inherited.

Our long lasting relationships, we share with our vendors and backward integration partners are instrumental in sourcing the finest quality of spice. But above all it is the passion of all at NANI for the turmeric, and it's extensive list of benefits for a human being, that drives us towards excellence in understanding and harnessing this wonder spice.

"We are here to make food taste better. After all, great taste knows no boundaries! "

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