All India Spices Exporters Forum

The All India Spices Exporters Forum (AISEF), established in the year 1987, works towards protecting the interests of the spice exporters in the country, creating a sustainable, pro-development business environment for the spice industry and its stakeholders. AISEF is managed by an elected Managing Committee chosen from among its members. In 32 years of functioning, AISEF has developed relationships with all the other major spice associations globally, understanding business needs, market changes and taking the lead in regulatory matters to ensure India is in the forefront of meeting the challenges and creating the right environment for growth.


  • India being the largest producer, consumer and exporter of Spices, be the "VOICE OF THE GLOBAL SPICE INDUSTRY" through "COLLABORATION" amongst multiple "STAKEHOLDERS"
  • Ensure "SUSTAINABILITY" of Spice Growing. One example is SSI : the Sustainable Spice Initiative launched in India in association with IDH, Netherland – ECONOMICALLY VIABLE, SOCIALLY SOUND AND ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE platforms
  • "POLICY ADVOCACY" through close interaction with Central and State Government bodies involved in policy formulation Export Promotion, Food Safety, Agricultural Research, Farming and Quality standards
  • "INFORMATION DISSEMINATION" to members and other stakeholders across the globe on all aspects related to Spice Growing, Value Added Processing, Spice Exports, Food Safety and Sustainability

Contributing nearly 48% of the global market in terms of value, India has a major role in spearheading change and working at the farm level to establish sustainable farm practices which also support the livelihood of the farming community. Being the largest producer, consumer and exporter of spices, India can be the collaborative voice of the global spice industry

AISEF members represent about 80% of the spices exported from India. AISEF works closely with organizations like IDH- Netherlands, GIZ- Germany, World Spice Organization & Spice Board India in various sustainable spice programmes for the betterment of the Industry. We request you to join us and be part of the AISEF.

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