Managing Disruptions through Transformation and Collaboration

The third edition of International Spice Conference was held at Jaipur, the Pink City of India from February 4th to 7th 2018 . Over 800 delegates from various countries, including representatives of international spice associations, policy makers, and farmers, participated in the four-day meet with discussions on effective strategies and innovative technologies that foster sustainable farming, improve the livelihood of spice farmers, address spice industry challenges, food safety concerns and demand supply disparity.

Businesses of today, regardless of industry and sector, face unprecedented challenges. Global spice industry is no exception. In the face of globalization, massive connectivity, disruptive technologies, and shifting powers to the consumer, a paradigm shift in the overall approach to how quality and value is defined and delivered is essential to stay ahead in a changing industry. In other words, change is inevitable. Based on these thoughts, the suggested theme of ISC 2018 Jaipur was ‘Managing Disruptions through Transformation and Collaboration.’

‘Transformation,’ however, is hard, requiring adjustments not only in processes, interactions, and decisions, but also in mind-sets, functions, culture, and technology. The transformation journey becomes more complex when the supply chain includes multiple stakeholders – consumers, growers, processors, research stations, national governments of exporting and importing countries, food safety administrators and national spice trade associations. Hence there is a dire need to ‘collaborate.’ As the industry embarks on its transformation journey, the lights must stay on and the show must go on.

International Spice Conference 2018 showered light on how business model, strategy and governance fit in together and how new behaviours can be proactively designed to embark on a transformational journey without impeding business. Special care was taken to have only half day sessions on 2nd and 3rd days. The rest of the time was set apart for networking.

Keynote Speakers of repute for each of the 3 days followed by eminent speakers gave discourses on Transformation, Collaboration and Crops & Markets.

ISC 2018 offered a business tour to spice-growing areas and a sightseeing tour to Agra as well as well as an opportunity to witness a Polo Match on Tuesday, 5th Feb 2018.