The Cochin Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The Cochin Chamber of Commerce & Industry

  • The Cochin Chamber of Commerce & Industry, established in the year 1857, is one of the oldest Chambers of Commerce in the country.
  • Affiliated to the Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India, (ASSOCHAM) New Delhi, as one of its five Promoter Chambers.
  • Situated in close proximity to the Cochin Port the Cochin Chamber has always been in the forefront in ensuring the well being of the Cochin Port knowing fully well that the fortunes of this Port are directly linked to the economic prosperity not only of Cochin but also of the State as a whole.
  • The Chamber’s concern is for "Development that is Equitable, Sustainable and Green".
  • Being situated in the Commercial Capital of the State, the Cochin Chamber of Commerce & Industry is the true representative of Corporate Kerala.
  • The Chamber’s members encompass a wide spectrum of the industrial, business, and trade sectors in Kerala. Besides having as its members the large and medium Corporate houses in Kerala, it also has the major segments of the players in the export-import trade as its members.
  • The Cochin Chamber also represents major shipping interests in Cochin. Besides these, various other port users and facilitating agents such as the steamer agents, clearing and forwarding agents, transport companies, stevedores etc. are also members of the Chamber.
  • The Cochin Chamber is also a certified agency for the issue of all documents relating to exports and imports. The Chamber, unlike any other Chamber in the country, has a full-fledged Statistics Department that is engaged in compiling reports, monthly/half-yearly and annual, on the exports and imports that take place through the Cochin Port.
  • The Cochin Chamber acts as the voice of industry in Kerala and is in constant touch with the State Government on issues of interest/concern to its members.
  • At the national level all matters are taken up through Assocham at New Delhi.
  • The Chamber organises various programmes of topical interest at regular intervals and also conducts different training programmes aimed at improving and retooling executives and managers.

Other Services include:

Information Dissemination

The Cochin Chamber Of Commerce and Industry assists its members by disseminating information and know-how on the latest policy and technical developments through publications, periodicals, discussion papers.

Certificates of Origin and other commercial documents

Authorized by the Government of India, the Chamber issues Certificate of Origin, is empowered to attest commercial documents and issue letters of recommendation for international travel.


The Chamber comes out with a monthly ‘e-newsletter’ which keeps its members and the business community updated on the Chamber’s events and important industry/trade related developments. It also provides a brief on the export import activity through the Cochin Port on a monthly basis. The ‘e-newsletter’ is an important communication link between the Chamber, its members and the business community at large.

Legalisation of Commercial documents:

The Chamber also offers its services by way of facilitating the legalisation of Certificates of Origin and other commercial documents from the Embassies/Consulates of the various foreign countries in India.

Weights and Measures Department

One arm of the Chamber is the Weights and Measures Department that provides its services to the shipping community that works through the Port of Cochin. The Chamber is authorized to issue certificates vis-à-vis weights and measurement of cargo and also to issue Quality Certificates for export commodities such as Coffee, Tea, Rubber, Cashew, Pepper, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Rice, Ghee, Turmeric and Chilly Powder.

Department of Export-Import Statistics

The Chamber has a full-fledged Statistics Department that compiles and disseminates data on the exports and imports that take place through the Port of Cochin year on year. The Department prepares comprehensive reports/statements on the trade through this port for the benefit of its members and the shipping community.

Training and Consultancy

The Chamber organizes training programmes, workshops, seminars, exhibitions & conferences for the benefit of our members and trade and industry in the State. They advise their members on diverse subjects such as industrial growth, monetary and fiscal policy, economic planning, taxation and corporate laws etc. through our Expert Committees on these subjects and the Chamber Secretariat.

Industry-Government Interface

The Cochin Chamber is in continuous dialogue with the Central and State Governments to ensure their better appreciation of the views and opinions of trade and industry on a variety of subjects. They actively participate in the various Government Advisory Committees to assist policy formulation that is conducive to the growth of business in Kerala. The chamber represents the views of trade and industry to the various Governments and other authorities through well researched and prepared memoranda.

Enhancing International Business Relations

The Cochin Chamber serves industry by networking with Indian Missions and other counterpart Chambers/organizations in India and across the globe and by forging working relations through Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with like-minded organizations abroad.