Celebrating its silver jubilee, All India Spices Exporters’ Forum (AISEF) launched the first-ever International Spice Conference in 2016 at Goa. The four-day conference was aimed at making India a processing hub for spices and spice products and their derivatives in the long term.

ISC 2016, themed on Decoding Spices in the 21st century, discussed various topics such as Quality at Source, Collaboration, Adapting to VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity), Real Time Management, Changes in Agri-sector, Sustainable and Precision Farming, Innovative and smarter ways of taste in Flavours and Ingredients, Emerging geographies and requirements, Contaminants and Allergens as well as Supply Gaps Converging Towards Harmonized Quality across Nations.

The debut version of ISC 2016 saw the presence of eminent speakers such as D. Shivakumar (Chairman & CEO India Region, Pepsi Co India Holdings Ltd.) and Jean Mane (President and CEO, V Mane Fils and Chairman - Kancor Ingredients Ltd.). ISC 2016 also engaged its participants with direct field visits, interviews, surveys and audio visuals from 6 Countries of Origin.Detailed panel discussions were held on Blue Ocean Strategies and Fulfilling Customer Expectations from Origin.

As part of the new collaborations, an MOU was signed between AISEF and IDH to work together on an agenda for Clean, Safe and Sustainable Spices in India. Upholding our commitment to sustainable farm initiatives we decided to allocate a portion of the ISC funds for IDH and direct farm initiatives.