'Beyond Traditions: Shaping a New Spice World'

International Spice Conference 2020 addresses the need to look at futuristic approaches and innovative applications of spices, for contemporary experiences in cuisines, health, and nutrition. The conference shall highlight the direct impact on the consumers and industry. We shall also seek answers to the quality challenges, with more focus on sustainability and delivery platforms along with good health. The theme will emphasise on development of enhanced culinary cultures and complete solutions in a range of applications. While we look to increase the per capita consumption of spices, we also shall look at improving the lives of the multitudes of farmers across all producing countries.

ISC 2020, for the first time ever, facilitates pre-scheduled buyer-seller meets, opening new avenues of global opportunities for every business.

Quick overview of the sessions and topics for the ISC 2020:

Day 1: Inauguration with a marquee speaker and Chairperson of a global spice trade association addressing the delegates

Day 2: Emerging Trends and New Applications

Day 3: Face-off: Quality issues in the spice sector and appropriate solutions

Day 4: Sessions on crops and markets with AV