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International Spice Conference has always given impetus to disruptive innovations in the industry. As a part of encouraging the most path-breaking innovations, ISC 2019 is introducing a platform to recognize innovations in the industry. ISC 2019 Innovation Awards is a step taken towards identifying and recognizing innovations in our industry . The award will primarily focus on the innovative aspect, problem solving capability and the potentiality of impact that the solution can offer to the industry. The qualified entries will be showcased in an Innovation Pavilion during ISC 2019 during the entire duration of conference. The judges panel comprises of experts from the industry appointed by the ISC Management Committee. There will be two rounds of evaluation, first round will have 11 finalists announced. These 11 finalists will be showcased at Innovation pavilion in ISC 2019, in the second round from this 11 finalists judges will have an onsite evaluation to announce the first 3 winners. The winners will be awarded with a citation and the rights to use the ISC 2019 Innovation Awards logo in all their brand collateral.



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ISC 2019 Innovation Awards

International Spice Conference, as part of the introduction of the Innovation Pavilion this year, wishes to recognise the finest innovations of the year as well. The following are the details of ISC 2019 Innovation Awards.

Product Eligibility:

To be eligible, product(s) must have been introduced between January 2017 and Oct 2018.

Application Process:

- Description of entry (Maximum 500 words). Application should address the following areas:
  1. Why is it innovative?
  2. Does it solve a problem?
  3. What are the benefits to food manufacturers/consumers?

In order to apply the company should have delegate registration for ISC 2019

  • The entries can be product/service/initiatives.
  • In case of multiple entries the limit is 2/company

Additional Supporting Document

  • PDF/PPT file not exceeding 10 MB
  • Maximum of 2 photographs, each not exceeding 2 GB
  • External link for videos/slide-share, etc.

Submissions: Products may be nominated directly by manufacturer-processor representatives by submitting the details to ISC 2019 website before 10th January 2019.


Each entry will be evaluated by a panel of seasoned industry experts appointed by the Management Committee of ISC 2019 based on the originality, problem-solving nature, and demonstrated benefits of the entry. The judging panel will shortlist 10 entries for the final round. The finalists for ISC 2019 Innovation Awards will be displayed on ISC website before 21st January 2019.

Judging Criteria

– ISC 2019 Innovation Awards

Our panel of seasoned industry experts will carefully review each submission against the judging criteria. After close scrutiny, they will choose top 10 entries as ISC 2019 Innovation Awards Finalists.

How do the judges score entries?

Our awards are based on innovation, therefore all entries will be judged based on the concept of their potential to solve problems and the benefits they provide to manufacturers and consumers. All judges will be doing their evaluation against the 500-word description that entrants submit alongside their supporting imagery and documentation. This is to ensure that judging is fair and based exactly on the submission made by the entrant. The judges’ decision will be final and abiding to all contestants.

Evaluation Parameters

  • Case – an overview of the product/ innovation/ initiative
  • Creative innovation – the solution to the identified problem/industry need
  • Impact – the effectiveness/benefits of the product/ innovation/initiative

Once all judges have submitted their scores, all points will be counted and verified.

Second-round Test:

All the 10 finalists of ISC 2019 Innovation Awards will be given a special Pedestal Display inside the Innovation Pavilion at ISC 2019 throughout the duration of the conference from 28th to 31st January 2019. The dimensions of the pedestal will be communicated to the finalists. Finalists need to display their entry on this pedestal. The pedestal will carry a description of 100 words. A judging panel constituted by the Management Committee of ISC will visit the display pavilion, interact with the company representatives and evaluate the final 10 entries between 8.30 am and 10.00 am on Day 2 of ISC 2019.


The ISC 2019 Innovation Awards entries need to be submitted before 10th January 2019. The ISC 2019 Innovation Awards Finalists will be announced before 21st January 2019. The finalists will get special pedestal displays at the Innovation Pavilion of ISC 2019. The second round of evaluation will be on Day 2 morning. The winners will be announced on the 3rd day of ISC 2019 at Gala Dinner.


The first three finalists, Gold, Silver and Bronze will be awarded with citations and other finalists, with certificates. All winners will be given their eligible rights for the use of the ISC Innovation Awards Logo in their collateral.

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