Sustainable Spices Initiative

Sustainable Spices Initiative

The Sustainable Spices Initiative (SSI) aims to sustainably transform the mainstream spices sector, thereby securing future sourcing and stimulating economic growth in producing countries.

The Initiative, a sector-wide consortium founded in 2012, brings together an international group of companies active within the spices and herbs sector, and NGOs. After the platform was established by IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative, many companies made a commitment to source their products sustainably and to make a positive impact on their value chains.

The ultimate ambition is that these programs will create fully sustainable supply chains, whilst the medium-term objective is to strive towards 25% sustainability by 2025 for the most relevant spices, herbs and dehydrated vegetables.


The members of SSI share the believe that in today's environment sustainability needs to be part of their long term strategy. This not only to secure sufficient products for future use, but also to recognize that in a connected global society business can only be successful if it is inclusive and responsible.

Members of SSI have committed to the following objectives:

  • To strive for a fully sustainable spice production and trade in the sector
  • To reach or exceed 25% sustainable sourcing in at least top 3 products categories by 2025
  • To achieve or exceed 10% point growth for top 3 product categories by 2021

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